VTOMAN HUGE Opening SALE coming!!!

VTOMAN HUGE Opening SALE coming!!!

Posted on September 30 2022, By: goo moo

VTOMAN HUGE Opening SALE coming!!!
Dear ALL,

Thank you for your constant trust and support for VTOMAN.

A BRAND NEW VTOMAN online official store( will
open in October 2022!!! There will be a big opening promotion. Up to $2300 OFF!
This promotion is to celebrate the opening of power station selling on VTOMAN online official store( UP-TO-50% OFF & Free Jump Starters / Power Tools are all prepared, just waiting for you!

Time: 10/12/2022 EDT - 10/20/2022 EDT

Are you ready? Please stay tuned!


  • Carlos Vega

    Carlos Vega

    December 30, 2022

    I want to know if the extra batteries will fit the NBOOST 1500.
    They look excatly the same and it has the same connection for an extra battery. Please, reply.

  • Elwood Lavern Thrun

    Elwood Lavern Thrun

    November 28, 2022

    wheres your local dealer

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