VTOMAN V150 LIFEBMS™ 150PSI Max. Tire Inflator with 12V Jump Starter


VTOMAN powerful tire inflator
·Up to 150 Psi to inflate
·Mins to inflate an car tire
·Pre-set and shut off automatically system
·Digital LCD screen see all inflate status at a glance
·4 display units: PSI, Bar, Kpa, Kg/cm²
·For bikes, cars, balls,inflatables, etc
·Also a jump starter
·Start up to 6.5 L gas engines(jumper cable not included)
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    Weighing in only 0.7kg, 1.54 ibs, Vtoman V150 is so compact to store in your car trunk without taking too much space and can pump up to 150 Psi to inflate a flat tire, or using the attachments(included) for other inflatable products. A power tool to carry when on a camping trip or day at the beach.

    Pre-Set & Auto Shut-Off System

    You could set the air compressor to the desired PSI and when it reaches that setting, the compressor will turn off automatically without overfilling the tire.

    Multi-Scenarios Use

    The cordless air compressor comes with 3 attached nozzles and can pump up to 150 Psi to inflate tires, rafts, air mattresses, and sport balls. Say, you get stuck in a howling blizzard and have a flat tire with no way to call for help, V150 tire inflator is there to inflate  your tire and get you back on your track within minutes. Additionally, it comes with Vtoman customize jack sleeve that can help to raise the jack in a more efficient and effortless way.

    Digital LCD Screen To Read Data

    The tire pressure gauge is mounted on the host, and the digital screen is easy for you to set and read the value. All information known at a simple glance.

    More Than A 43 Wh Li-Ion Battery Pack

    The Li-ion battery can be used as a car battery jump starter ( 1500 A Peak current ) to instantly start a 12 V dead car battery in extreme environments (-4°F to 140°F). As well it works as a portable charger to charge your digital devices. It allows a Type-C PD 30W two-way super fast charge, which twists a tire just within a 10-minute charge.

    Please note that the battery pack requires at least 3 bars electricity to jump-start.

    PD 30W Two-Way Fast Charging

    The battery pack of Vtoman power tools functions as a high-capacity portable power charger to charge your mobile phone, laptop, camera, and other Type-C devices. The battery booster pack supports PD 30 W two-way quick charge, which is 70% faster than ordinary power banks.

    How To Inflate & How To Jump Start


    Step 1: Connect the air hose to the tire inflator.

    Step 2: Connect the air hose to the tire valve.

    Step 3: Shortly press the switch to turn on.

    Jump Start :

    Step 1: Connect the jumper leads to the battery pack.

    Step 2: Connect the cables to the car battery.

    Step 3: Green light on and start the car engine.