VTOMAN V32 LIFEBMS™ Cordless Pressure Washer with 1500A Jump Starter


VTOMAN powerful Cordless Pressure Washer
·Lightweigh washer only 2.65 ibs for cleaning anytime&anywhere
·Spraying up to 145L/H : washing in mins
·6m hose for pumping at will
·Two speed mode:3.2 MPa/1.7MPa
·6-in-1 nozzle cleaning more effective
·For vehicles, bikes, boats, windows, driveway, etc
·Also a jump starter
·Start up to 6.5 L gas engines(jumper cable not included)
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    V32 Adjustable Spray Nozzle&Suction Hose Cordless Pressure Washer

    VTOMAN V32 Cordless Pressure Washer is equipped with a new crankshaft pump, 145L/h large water volume, MAX. 280W high power, and MAX. 3.2MPa high pressure. The wireless design and two-speed speed is easy to control and adjust. Multi-functional nozzles allows you to clean your car from every angle, ensuring a completely cleanness. One multi-functional battery pack meets all your needs, like powering the pressure washer, jump-starting your car, charging your devices. One machine with multiple functions makes your journey less tedious and more joyful!

    Get Rid of Bulk and Use Anytime, Anywhere

    Wireless design makes it portable and easy to carry. Getting rid of the foam tanker and cables, the host is lightweight, only 2.65 ibs/ 1.2 kg. These features help you achieve the freedom to wash your car anywhere, anytime!

    Wash & Clean At Your Disposal

    The wireless car wash meets your car washing and cleaning needs at home, outdoors, camping and so forth, anytime and anywhere.

    Two-Speed Mode Easy to Adjust

    High gear: 3.2 MPa remove stubborn stains effortlessly.

    Low gear: 1.7 MPa for daily cleaning.

    Six-In-One Multi-Function Nozzle 

    Rotate the multi-functional nozzle to choose different water outlet methods.(0°, 20°, 20° tilt, 40°, foam,scattered)

    Detachable Extension Rod For Car Roof Clean

    Clean the hard-to-attach area with easy and ensure your car 100% clean as new.

    The extension rod can help you wash the car roof, which is cleaner and more efficient than hand washing.

    Ergonomic Gun Design

    Machine gun design brings you a unique feeling! More comfortable and less fatigue.

    High Pressure & High Water Volume

    Low energy loss and high pressure far better than similar car wash machines on the market!(3.2 MPa  7-8 meters range) as the common water pressure on the market is below 2.5 Mpa.

    New crankshaft pump, 145 L/h high volume helps your car wash out under "waterfall bath" and "rainbow bath".

    Universal Multi-functional Battery

    The detachable lithium-ion battery pack can be used as a 1500 A peak current car starter to start a dead 12 V car battery (up to 6.5 L diesel engine) in extreme environments (-4°F to 140°F), and as a portable charger with Type-C PD 30 W two-way fast charge interface to charge your digital devices at 50% + charge in one hour.

    This battery is suitable for all VTOMAN power tools.

    How to Use a Cordless Car Wash

    1. Install the battery and extension rod, lock it when hear "click" sound.(Extension rod can not be installed when not required.)

    2. Install the nozzle and screw the foam pot tightly.

    3. Install water pipes, put the other end of the hose into water bucket or river.

    4. Long press the button to start, release the button to stop.

    How To Jump Start( Jumper Cable Not Included)

    Step 1: Connect the jumper leads to the battery pack.

    Step 2: Connect the cables to the car battery.

    Step 3: Green light on and start the car engine.