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    MAX 500 PSI, cleaning power 10X the power of a garden hose. V32 Cordless Pressure Washer has the perfect power to clean everything, worked as car washer, and as indoor pressure washer cleaning shutters, patio, building furniture and more, cordless, lightweight and compact designed can be carried anywhere.

    【6-IN-1 HUMANIZED NOZZLE DESIGN】It features multiple spray modes from 0°, 20°, 20°tilt, 40°, shower mode and a bubble mode. In addition, we also provide 360° rotatable jet pipe. Lets you switch among various degrees of water flow intensity, choose different working modes to for scenarios, effective for cleaning your cars, floors, swimming pools, courtyard, windows, watering flowers lawn etc.

    【TWO-SPEED MODES】Two-speed modes switch, fast speed mode (High Pressure) and low speed mode (ECO mode, Low Pressure for lighter cleaning tasks). The ECO model is in line with the development concept of energy conservation and environmental protection in contemporary society. This portable pressure washer doesn't need a other hose or spigot for operation. Any fresh water source is fuel for the VTOMAN.

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