Make Your Driving & Life Easier, Safer, and Greener

“Who We Are?”

“Who We Are?”

VTOMAN is a global brand dedicating to the R&D, manufacture, and distribution of lithiun-ion battery products. Our products cover portable power station, cordless automotive power tools, and other handy and eco-friendly car tools to be expected.With an international team comprised of top engineers and experts from various areas, VTOMAN is empowered by ambition and innovation, endeavoring to make your driving and life easier with extraordinary new ideas.

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What We Promise?

VTOMAN promises to keep focusing on safety & security issues which are, and will always be given the top priority throughout our business process. Meanwhile, VTOMAN cares equally on the well-being of this planet as well as that of the next generations. We also promise to shoulder due responsibilities and to support global sustainable development with many other visionary individuals and groups. 

What We Do Next

As presents in our slogan "Make Your Driving and Life Easier", VTOMAN is a deliverer of increasingly handy electric tools that fit in your vehicle tool kit.We are creating new outdoor car-traveling experiences that are not only safer and more convenient, but also more friendly to the environment. In this respect, VTOMAN is also a steerer in the voyage towards new energy industry. With portable power stations and solar panels as the first step, we have developed and are developing more products which brings more possibilities for the prevalence of clean energy in fields like outdoor acitivities. We are marching into off-grid household power supply, disaster relief power supply, and various related areas as well.

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