VTOMAN Jump 1000 Portable Power Station | 1000W/1408Wh LiFePO4 Battery

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-Hige power & capacity: Jump 1000 provides 1000W strong output power and 1408W huge capacity to support most appliances and devices like electronic stove, microwave oven, AC, and fridge. With unique V-surging Technology, the total instant output adds up to 2000W.
-Expandable Capacity: Adopt an additional 1548Wh extra battery* (sold seprately) based on your energy demand and double your Jump 1000's capacity to as large as 2956Wh.
-12 ports, power whatever you like: Jump 1000 features a pure sine wave inverter and multiple outlets, including: 3* AC outlet, 4*USB-A ports, 2*USB-C, 2* DC ports, and 1*car port to run low to high power appliances.
-Enhanced Safety & Endurance: VTOMAN LIFEBMS™ system guarantees enhanced battery perfomance and health.
-55,000 hours super-long performance: Powered by premium LFP battery, Jump 1000 offers over 3,100 battery charge circles which adds up to at least 55,000 hours of battery performance --- 6 Times better than the industry's average.
-Exclusive V-Starting Technology: You can direcly jump start your vehicles by connecting your car and the power station with a pair of jump start clamps* (sold saperetely).
-3 input Modes: 200W max solor panel input, 180W AC input and car input. Choose whichever way you like to fast and flexibly recharge your Jump 1000.

Larger Capacity, More Possibilities.

Phone (10Wh)

114.05 Times

Drone (40Wh)

 28.51 Times

Laptop (58Wh)

19.66 Times

Fan (35W)

32.59 Hours

Onboard Fridge (45W)

25.34 Hours

Electronic Grill (1150W)

59.50 Minutes


71.28 Times


3.80 Hours

Mini Cooler(90w)

12.67 Hours

Charge Well, Jump Start As Well

Multiple ways to charge.

Designed “V"ery good, inside and out.

Satisfy Various Needs in Varied Scenarios