JUMP 1500X power station
features of VTOMAN JUMP 1500X
JUMP 1500X maintain more than 85% energy after a year
over 3000 battery cycles and 55000 hours electronics life
12 ports

Larger Capacity, More Possibilties.

Phone (10Wh)

75 Times

Drone (40Wh)

19 Times

Laptop (58Wh)

13 Times

Fan (35W)

22 Times

Onboard Fridge (45W)

17 Hours

Electronic Grill (1150W)

39 Minutes


47 Times


2.5 Hours

Mini Cooler(90w)

8 Hours

Charge Well, Jump Start As Well

Comparison between JUMP 1500X and traditional power stations

*Jumper Cabl Not Included

Multiple ways to charge.

three charging ways
10 safety protections

Designed “V"ery good, inside and out.

LED Screen information

Satisfy Various Needs in Varied Scenarios